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  • Tips to remember to close your open windows

    The summer has arrived and as the sun is making its appearance it’s easy to understand that we can’t wait to get out into the sunshine! This is something your locksmith London service team is highly understanding of and we are thankful for the great blessing of warm weather and sunshine. However, what we as a trusted locksmith London service also would like to put attention to, is that due to the heat more windows are also generally opened in homes. Windows which we remember to close most of the time, but would like to ensure that we close all the time. Here are the tips which the locksmith London service team would like to bring up to help you remember to close and lock the windows before you leave your home to go out and enjoy the sun, and help protect the security of your home, as well as keep temptation for potential burglars down to a minimum. Our top tip is to put a little note on the door which you use to exit your home. Just about eye height is about right, something that will most definitely be in your line of sight when you are collecting your picnic items in a hurry to get outside! If this is something that would disturb your view, another idea is to place a little notice where you put your keys for the door as this is something you will most likely also always have a glance at on your way out. Another tip that the locksmith London team agrees is a good idea, is to, should you open a window, set a little alarm or reminder on your phone for a time in the near future, or a calculated time before you have arranged to meet with your friend in the park to catch some of those lovely rays. These are small easy tips from the locksmith London team which cost you nothing, but could save you a mountain of trouble. If you have any questions, or need any of the services available here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss your requirements with us today!
    August 12, 2015 London Locksmith Locksmith


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