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    One of the most efficient methods of keeping your home secure which we as a locksmith London security service agrees with, is that of keeping a security guard. Of course we are speaking here, of the creature also known as man’s best friend. With a hyper sensitive sense of smell a dog makes the perfect intruder alarm, and intruder protection. However, of course keeping a good level of security at home is not enough reason to keep a dog. Even for a locksmith London security expert keeping a dog just for the purpose of guarding your home is not a good enough reason. After all, a dog is a creature which requires much love, care and also comes with a great responsibility which is placed on the owner. A dog on the premises is a very strong deterring factor for many burglars, and would most likely turn the attention away from your home as a target. But as mentioned, not everyone would like to get a dog, this is why we as a locksmith London security provider instead recommends that you pretend you have a companion and guard at home. Putting up signs warning for the dog, and perhaps purchase a realistic sounding barking dog alarm which is triggered by motion sensors outside the door is a great idea. This way, you will be able to avoid any opportunistic thieves who look may have seen your property as a potential target if it wasn’t for the risk of the home having a private security guard and a beware of the dog sign in the window. To get in touch with a locksmith London security supplier for more tips and advice on your home security, please feel free to give us a ring, our team are happy to help and share information as well as answer your questions with regards to how you can keep your home safe from potential thieves and burglars.
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