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  • Key-less House Key pros and cons from your Locksmith London

    With new technology comes also what seems more and more like a sci-fi home. Something that many are considering these days is that of installing a locking system at home which does not feature a key. Locksmith London understands that it can be very annoying and highly frustrating to look for your keys in your purse or the multitude of pockets, which seem to multiply as the weather gets colder and the layers to keep warm becomes higher in numbers. The team can see the reverse scenario just as stressful. Finding yourself at home in a rush and in search of your keys seemingly without much luck can be unnerving and as these type of scenarios often seem to crop up at the worst possible times it amplifies the stress of the situation. Using a key-less system at home is something that would extinguish these type of scenarios, however even if it can be of great benefit. Locksmith London also thinks another positive with a key-less entry system is that many of this type of systems come with the feature of being able to remotely unlock your door, so should you be coming home with a car full of shopping and no extra hands spare to help you out, this utility can be highly convenient and practical. There are many benefits to a key-less system, there are also some negatives, so we would also like to bring up some of the cons of this type of convenience. The first thing locksmith London would like to bring to attention, is that of in emergency cases. Handling electronic equipment is not always the easiest in a pressured situation, and it can be easy to become flustered and press the numbers correctly without fumbling on the key panel. At extreme times it can even be difficult to remember the correct code. Something that many we hear often as a concern to keyless systems as well, is that the code could be guessed by an intruder. And we see this as true, we also don’t see it as the major disadvantage as it is highly unlikely to happen as long as you make sure you don’t choose a code which is easy to guess, based on birthdays, old addresses and phone number etc. What we instead would like to place emphasis on here is the know issues that many of these type of systems have in case of power failures, and although some systems come with their own backup power reserve, there is still a chance that you may lose access to your home which wouldn’t be the case with regular lock and key. Lastly, although locksmith London have nothing against keyless solutions, we do see that although the convenience is high and in the ideal situation this type of solution would work well. The price of a keyless systems weighs out the benefits of it, and if you are looking for the best security solution on a budget, it would not be our first recommendation.
    August 12, 2015 London Locksmith Locksmith


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